The mission

I started Built for Mars in 2018 with a pretty simple mission: to help people build better product experiences.

Built for Mars is more than a UX consultancy—it’s a place for people to learn more about crafting beautiful, and memorable products.

"What next?"

After my FinTech start-up was acquired in 2018—in a PE-backed deal—I didn’t know what to do with myself, so I just started helping a few friends who were building interesting companies.

I’d spent tens of thousands of hours—literally—reading, learning, practising, failing and obsessing over product. It turns out that my attention to detail was really useful to other companies.

Whilst working on these projects I’d normally end up taking screenshots of their journey, and then annotating them on Apple Keynote. This was the most efficient way of highlighting friction, and poor UX, that I could think of.

But these companies were all making the same mistakes. I was putting days of work into these presentations, but only ever showing them to a handful of people. 

So late into 2019 I launched Built for Mars, along with a few free case studies. From there, as they say, the rest is history.

Peter Ramsey

I needed a name...

From day 1 I felt really strongly that I wasn’t going to be a typical ‘day rate’ consultant. I’m building something bigger, that one day will stand for something greater than just the work I do.

So I needed a brand, and Built for Mars started with a concept.

If you were designing a cash machine that was only ever used by drunk people, how different would it be to a normal one?

The answer is very. So why doesn’t the UX of a cash machine change at night? 

Most of the time people build products that perform well in testing, but fail in the real world. They lack the context that life throws at you. In this example, being drunk.

Too often now start-ups are designed by people on iMacs and tested on the latest iPhones by people who intimately know the product already.

People should be building products that work in even the most alien environments. And that’s what Built for Mars stands for—building products so great, that a martian could use them whilst sat in a crater on Mars.

Some nice things people have said about me

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