Design Agency

How it works

1. You are here

  • You have a problem with your site or app, or you need help designing a new one.
  • You’re here because you’ve got a good product, but need help creating a top quality experience and a best-in-class interface, with a true attention to detail.
  • You never do things by halves


Sounds like you? Drop us a message.

2. Contact us

  • Get in touch and let’s discuss your project.
  • We’ll listen to you, discuss the challenges and recommend the best next steps for the project.
  • We’ll decide if we’re the right fit for you, and vice versa.


Are we a good fit? Do you want to do something well, have an industry-defining experience, and not rush to meet an unrealistic deadline? Then we’re probably going to get along…

3. Discovery

  • UX is ultimately about listening (to you and your users).
  • We’ll help run discovery sessions with you and your team and research sessions with your users, to learn how we can create meaningful journeys and maximise impact.
  • We’ll agree on a specification to move forward to design.


We’re excellent listeners. Discovery is all about us listening to you and the other stakeholders. Doing this phase well results in a better understanding of the problem, and better ideas for the solution.

4. Design

  • We’ll start with wireframes and user journeys. And we’ll progress to full interface designs. 
  • As much iteration and collaboration as you need.
  • Your product becomes our obsession for those few months.

What we always do: Everything is handled by us, and we oversee every aspect. We get fully involved and become a trusted part of your team.

5. Handover

  • A key part of the process is downloading our thesis, designs and decisions to you and your team.
  • We provide designs in Figma, and handover to whoever you need us to. This could be your product owner, your engineers, or even your internal design team.
  • We’ll be on hand to help with any questions they have. And we can even join a Slack or Discord channel to help maximise your team’s efficiency during the build.


We’re always here. One benefit of a small agency like us is that we only take on select projects. We stay involved over a longer period, and we’re here when you need us.