Chapter 2   •   10 minute read

Built for Mars

Highlighting the difference between good and great UX.

Making my first payment

Analysing the experience of making a payment with each bank.

Photograph by Built for Mars

The days of paying friends and family with cash are behind us. Why? Well, because paying people online is so delightfully easy.

Tap, tap, tap… okay I’ve sent you £30.

Sending money online—probably through a mobile app—is quickly becoming the norm.

But are the banks ready for this new world? How well will the traditional banks evolve given that they’re now competing with mobile-only companies?


With a few exceptions, there wasn’t a huge variance in the amount of effort, or time taken to send a payment from any of the banks.

What they did do differenty:

⚡️Faster notifications.

👆Pre-selecting your only account.

😅 Reduced the user’s anxiety when making a payment.

💪 Utilising the power of defaults.

👨‍🏫 Unlocking extra value through external functionality.

⛔️ Handling errors well.

Case studies

This chapter has 12 case studies. Each study shows:

🤯 The full flow of making a payment with each bank.

👀 Highlights notable UX decisions.

🧠 The subtle psychology used by each bank.

👇 Click any logo to open that case study in a new tab. 👇