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“This UX specialist opened 12 UK bank accounts and ‘logged everything’.”

Steve O’Hear  •  May 21st  •  Link

“UK-based user experience expert Peter Ramsey just published what happened when he opened accounts at a dozen different financial firms.”

Roger Dooley •  June 1st  •  Link

“A comprehensive study by app experts Built for Mars is testing how far ahead digital banks really are.”

Isabel Woodford •  May 28th  •  Link

“Built for Mars, a user experience design consultancy, on Thursday published an article examining the cost of sending £100 to the US online with 12 banks and FinTechs.”

Oscar Williams-Grut •  June 11th  •  Link

Featured in Morning Brew’s daily newletter to 2m people, 2x.

Neal Freyman •  June 11th

Featured in FT Alphaville’s further reading, 2x.

Jamie Powell •  June 1st  •  Link

Podcast: “Peter Ramsey Opened 12 Bank Accounts In The UK And Logged It All.”

Podcast •  June 9th  •  Link

Podcast: “Peter Ramsey just won the American Idol of FinTech when he documented the user experience opening 12 bank accounts in the UK.”

Podcast •  June 12th  •  Link

“Built for Mars’ Peter Ramsey has released the fourth instalment of the now sought-after ‘UX for banking’ series.”

June 11th  •  Link

Podcast: FinTech Magazine meets Peter Ramsey, Founder at Built for Mars.

Podcast •  June 12th  •  Spotify Link

Podcast: If you haven’t heard of Peter Ramsey, it really is time you emerged from the cave you’ve been living in.

Podcast •  July 17th  •  Podcast Link

Podcast: A conversation with Robin Amlot, the Managing Editor at IBS Intelligence.

Podcast •  June 18th  •  Link