Your UX matters.

A forensic analysis of your product's user experience, delivered in a case study format—super easy to share and understand.


The roadmap for a better version of your product.

Those who have built a product do not experience it in the same way that new users do. That’s where Built for Mars comes in.


✅ Friction and pain points.

✅ What’s likely to confuse new users.

✅ Which features are presented without context.


✅ Missing ‘UX’ functionality.

✅ Tips to maximise conversion and engagement.


“I’ve involved Peter to challenge us and our current product design, and he truly delivered. 

His feedback was spot-on and easy to implement, he even provided a simple to do list for us to implement his suggestions immediately.”


UX audit in 2020  |  $50m+ raised  |


Design phase

You can prevent the vast majority of UX mistakes during the design phase.

As long as I can see the flow between designs, I can get to work. You’ll be relieved that you didn’t spend all that time building the wrong thing.

☝️ The designs don’t even have to be pixel perfect, it’s more efficient if you just aim for them to be 80% complete.


Live product

The best way to analyse an experience is by using the live product.

This allows me to see the subtle interactions between every element, and how it feels to move between them.

🚀 This includes staging environments and apps in test builds, on any browser, Apple or Android.


We brought Peter in to look at our customer journey from website to product set-up.


He provided crisp, clear and insightful feedback that was in depth with examples as well as a prioritised to do list.  His passion for great design comes through in every interaction.


Private audit in 2020  |  Listed on NASDAQ (INTU)

“Peter’s analysis was so insightful and detailed, he surfaced a bunch of new thinking and opportunities to orient people experiencing Notion for the first time.

We’re excited to put his recommendations into practice and know it will help more users quickly realise the product’s value – many things came up that had not occurred to our team.”


UX audit in 2020  |  1m+ users  |  $1bn valuation

“Peter provided interesting ideas and feedback that highlight both his knowledge of product design and customer empathy. He is a thoughtful designer who has a sharp eye for details and user experience.”

Go Fund Me

Online workshop in 2020  |  $600m valuation

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