Your UX matters

A forensic analysis of your product’s user experience, delivered in a case study format—super easy to share and understand.

The roadmap for a better version of your product.

Those who have built a product do not experience it in the same way that new users do. That’s where Built for Mars comes in.


Friction and pain points.

What’s likely to confuse new users.

Which features are presented without context.


Missing UX functionality.

Tips to maximise conversion and engagement.

You're in good company

“We engaged Peter to challenge our thinking and find pain points in our user journey.

He delivered great insights that were exactly what we needed to take our user experience to the next level.”

Private UX audit  •

“I’ve involved Peter to challenge us and our current product design, and he truly delivered.

His feedback was spot-on and easy to implement, he even provided a simple to do list for us to implement his suggestions immediately.”

Private UX audit  •

“Peter provided crisp, clear and insightful feedback that was in depth with examples as well as a prioritised to do list.

His passion for great design comes through in every interaction.”

Private UX audit  •

How it works

Dealing with consultants can be awful—I know, I’ve used them. So I keep it as simple as possible.


We find the most important journey.


Agree commercials based on that journey.


I complete the audit.


We chat through it all.

When's the right time?

During the design phase

You can prevent the vast majority of UX mistakes during the design phase.

As long as I can see the flow between designs, I can get to work. You’ll be relieved that you didn’t spend all that time building the wrong thing.

☝️ The designs don’t even have to be pixel perfect, it’s more efficient if you just aim for them to be 80% complete.

Live product

The best way to analyse an experience is by using the live product.

🚀 This includes staging environments and apps in test builds, on any browser, Apple or Android.

Questions I get asked often

They’re very similar to my published case studies, except much longer and with more of an emphasis on suggesting fixes and building better long term habits.

It totally depends on the size and complexity of the journey. Previous audits have been between £5,000 and £50,000, typically they’re ~£5000/£15,000.

I only have time to work on a few projects a month, so I don’t have a huge volume of clients. Therefore, you’re welcome to reach out anytime, and we can chat through your UX. There’s no additional charge for these emails or calls—it’s not a taxi meter.

Yeah, happily. Although I’ll never sign a non-compete as I work with a lot of FinTech / Big Tech companies, who do lots.

“Peter’s analysis was so insightful and detailed, he surfaced a bunch of new thinking and opportunities to orient people experiencing Notion for the first time. 

We’re excited to put his recommendations into practice.”

Private UX audit  •

“We were extremely happy with the audits, they were concise and easy to digest.

Peter’s evaluation extracted insights, filled with discussions of best practice and actionable recommendations to feed back into our product.”

Private UX audit  •

“Peter provided interesting ideas and feedback that highlight both his knowledge of product design and customer empathy. 

He is a thoughtful designer who has a sharp eye for details and user experience.”

Private UX audit  •

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