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A forensic analysis of your product’s user experience, delivered in a case study format—super easy to share and understand.

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How private audits work

When I ran my own FinTech, I hated most consultants. I've designed a service which is exactly what I would have wanted for my business.

1. Identifying the most important journey

You may already have a user journey in mind (i.e., creating an account, or the first-time user experience), but if not, I can help you identify the most influential one.

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    Identifying the levers

    Understanding which journeys will lead to the greatest overall benefit.

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    Creating a plan

    I'll use this to put together a proposal for an audit, including timescales and cost.

  • "Peter provided crisp, clear and insightful feedback that was in-depth with examples as well as a prioritised to do list. This boosted our conversions by 16%."

  • Peter’s analysis was so insightful and detailed, he surfaced a bunch of new thinking and opportunities to orient people experiencing Notion for the first time.

  • "The audit was incredibly helpful and allowed us to improve the UX significantly having a noticeable impact on conversion."

2. Completing the audit

I'll then compile all the material I'll need (e.g., URLs, designs, logins), and complete the audit during an agreed time slot.

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    The UX audit

    A 'slideshow-style' presentation—similar to the public case studies, but in more detail

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    You'll get a checklist of every issue raised, weighted by importance, so you know what to work on first.

  • "He delivered great insights that were exactly what we needed to take our user experience to the next level."

  • The audit extracted insights, filled with discussions of best practice and actionable recommendations to feed back into our product.

  • Peter helped us identify what we could improve with a user-centric mindset, including how to increase wonder, decrease anxiety, and how to optimally unfold the experience to users.

3. Creating a roadmap

The audit doesn’t end when I send you over the documents. I'm then available to chat through the audit, future designs, and UX-problems indefinitely.

There's no hard limit to how much we can chat—one of the benefits of only being able to take on a few projects each month.

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    Discuss the audit

    We can get into finer details about issues raised in the audit, and discuss potential resolutions.

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    Analyse prototypes

    I'll encourage you to send me revised designs to look at, and we can check that they fix the issues.

  • "I involved Peter to challenge us and our current product design, and he truly delivered."

  • Peter provided interesting ideas and feedback that highlight both his knowledge of product design and customer empathy.

  • "Without Built for Mars, we’d be average, and our customers deserve better. These UX audits help us deliver a world-class experience.

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A forensic look at your site:



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Effective UX tricks


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Here are some questions I get asked often:

They’re very similar to my published case studies, except much longer and with more of an emphasis on suggesting fixes and building better long term habits.

It totally depends on the size and complexity of the journey. Previous audits have been between £5,000 and £50,000, typically they’re ~£8,000/£12,000.

Yeah, happily. Although I’ll never sign a non-compete as I work with a lot of FinTech / Big Tech companies, who do lots.