Design Agency


What's the difference between a design project and an audit?

An audit is essentially a report of your product as it is today. Although there are redesign elements involved, these will only ever be suggestions at a small scale (i.e., redesign this component).

Our design studio works on redesigning the entire product, with a first principles approach. We'll go through everything from initial concepts, to full UI designs in Figma.

How much does a design project cost?

It depends on the scope, but we're certainly not the cheapest agent you can find—if you're looking to minimise cost, we'd suggest using freelancers.

For context; we only ever take one project on at a time, so the entire agency focus is on your product, and obsessing every day over the minor details.

Do you work alongside our product teams?

We can do, or we can operate in full isolation—it depends on what you're looking for.

At the end of the project we'll do a complete Figma handover, explaining how to reuse the design library, and components, so you don't need to keep contacting us in the future.