Built for Mars x Mobbin

Today I’m really proud to announce an exclusive partnership with the greatest UI / UX library on earth: Mobbin.

I’ve been a fan of Mobbin for years, I use Mobbin, and I recommend Mobbin to anyone who will listen.

Well, as of today, all existing and new BFM+ subscribers will get 6 months of Mobbin Pro for absolutely free—no credit card required.

You can go and redeem this right now from your BFM+ Account.

Why Mobbin?

With Built for Mars, I’m constantly trying to contextualise the ‘why’. Why do some designs work, when almost identical ones don’t. What’s the subtle nuance?

But designers also need the ‘what’, and the reason I use Mobbin personally, is because it’s such an incredible resource for references.

How to redeem: 🙌

Here’s a rundown of how you can use their massive library for inspiration.


Find ideal references in second

With Mobbin’s ever-growing library of over 1000+ apps, you no longer have to spend hours on research or screenshots.

Filter by hundreds of design patterns & UI elements and solve specific design problems.


Discover over 62,000+ user flows

Search for best practices for common user flows like: Onboarding, Subscribing & Upgrading, Cancelling a Subscription.

See the full user journey without having to download the app and study all the different states & transitions.


Save or download designs

Save your favourite references and get back to them later. Download any designs you like or copy it straight into Figma.


If you have any issues or questions about this, email me on peter@builtformars.com.